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Playful Kiss 2 episode 1


La Nutricion Meses (Nutrition Month)


Nutrition is nourishment, or aliment, is the supply of materials – food – required by organisms and cells to stay alive.

Every July we celebrate the Nutrition Month. For this year we had the theme “Pagkain ng Gulay Ugaliin, Araw-araw ito ihain.”

We must eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables in order to get the right nutrition.

Fruits is a scientific journal for original articles and reviews on fruit crops in temperate, Mediterranean, subtropical and tropical regions. Abundance of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, essential oils, antioxidants, fiber, and anti-inflammatory substances.

Vegetables  A plant cultivated for an edible part, such as the root of the beet. It is rich protein, fibers, minerals like iron and calcium which are good to our body.

In order for us to get the Good Nutrition, we must eat fruits and vegetables. “The greatest wealth is Health.”


BY: Admin Melody, Karl and Kelly


YES-O de apertura (opening)

Environment is our home, the place where we get everything we need, but now it is already in danger. So, our school GSCNHS (General Santos City National High School) organized a youth organization and it was called YES-O (Youth for Environment in Schools Organization).

Last July 7, 2012, we had our opening program and the students was divided into ten teams named :
Blazing Bats, Unkabogable Rats, Grotesque Houseflies, Stealthy Hornets, Luminous Locust, Monstrous Crows, Mosquitoes D’ Avengers, Scorching Snails, Stalwart Termites and last but not the least Bomberdous Cockroach.

We had our Bench Cheer Competition and lots of activities.

And here are the Results of the Activities:

1st place: Luminous Locust

2nd place: Bomberdous Cockroach

3rd place: Blazing Bats

4th place: Stalwart Termites

5th place: Stealthy Hornets

6th place: Unkabogable Rats

7th place: Monstrous Crows

8th place: Grotesque Houseflies

9th place: Scorching Snails

10th place: Mosquitoes D’ Avengers

The rank in activities doesn’t matter because the thing we should put in our mind is that we are helping our environment.

Conocimiento de las partes (acquaintance party)

Alam nyo ba ang feeling na winiwelcome ulit….yan ang aming naramdan sa nakaraang July 7, 2012 sa aming Acquaintance party na intended lang para sa mga ESEP students. Kahit na napahiwalay sa mga kaibigan masaya parin ng dahil sa mga bagong kaibigan at kahit na pangsecond year na namin ito sa curriculum masaya parin walang pinagbago parang nung 1st year….heheheehehe

ito ang ang mga resulta ng mga pinaghirapan naming abutin pero…

1st place-  7- Newton

2nd place-  3- Rutherford

3rd place- 4-Galileo

4th place- 4- Einstein

5th place- 7- Archimedes

6th place- 3-Mendeleev

7th place- 2- Mendel (seben)

8th place- 2- Aristotle (mabuhay ang aris)

Yan ang resulta at kahit last kami masaya parin…..hehe…mabuhay ang Aristotle …:) Yeah baby joe

(Ito ang 2-Aristotle)

by:멜로디(melody) 칼(karl) 켈리(kelly)




Why do Windows programs stop responding?

Additional information

A computer, operating system, software program or driver may stop responding or cause other programs to stop responding because of several possible reasons, such as a confliction of software or hardware resources between two programs, lack of system resources, or a bug in the software or drivers.


To recover from a program that has stopped responding, a user can press the CTRL + ALT + DEL keys on his or her keyboards to open the “Close Program” window or open the “Task Manager” window and click the “End Task” button to terminate the program. If another window opens, click the “End Task” button again to confirm stopping that program.

It is important to realize that when a program stops responding any work that has not been saved will more than likely be lost when end tasking a program. Unfortunately, there is no alternative.

If you continue to experience programs locking the computer or stop responding we recommend you review our General Troubleshooting page for recommendations on steps that can be performed to help stop this issue from occurring.

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